A-Frame Appraisals is committed to efficiently providing dependable 
and accurate appraisals throughout the Delmarva Peninsula.  
We appraise all types of residential properties, from large bay front single-family homes to ocean front high-rise condominiums.
Uniform Residential Appraisal (FNMA 1004)
Condo Appraisal (FNMA 1073)
Complex Property Appraisal (FNMA 1004 or 1073)
FHA Appraisal (FNMA 1004, 1073 or 1004C)
Uniform Residential Appraisal with REO (FNMA 1004)
Single Family Invesment (1004, 1007 and 216)
Condo Investment (1073, 1007 and 216)
Single Family FHA Investment (1004, 1007 and 216)
Condo FHA Investment (1073, 1007 and 216)
Exterior Only Residential Report (FNMA 2055)
Exterior Only Condo Appraisal (FNMA 1075)
Land Appraisal
Manufactured Home (FNMA 1004C)
Appraisal Update/Recertification/Insepction of Repairs (FNMA 1004D)
USDA Appraisal (FNMA 1004 or 1073)
Disaster Area Property Inspection Report


Quality appraisals by qualified appraisers. 
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